I've been in love with freezing moments in time since I can remember. I love looking through my pictures and reliving all my greatest memories, hard times in my life, and visibly seeing the growth we all overcome as humans. 

I think photos are our own personal time machine. Within a few seconds, we can be taken back to a sound, a smell, a feeling, a person, or a place we call home. 

My goal is to make you feel comfortable and safe to be able to capture the special moments in your life that make your aura glow effortlessly.

hey there,

I'm Naomi

earthy. serene. connected. 

Striving to make your photos....

"Naomi is a FANTASTIC photographer and we couldn't be happier with our elopement photos. This girl woke up at 3 AM and hiked 3 miles (hour and a half) to our favorite spot and took it like a champ.
Husband and I? We're terrible at posing, like, what are we doing with our hands and bodies to make it look what I envisioned on my pin board? She directed us and made us feel so comfortable while making this day super special.
The only big issue we had is that we LOVED all of the photos so much it was hard to narrow down the ones we wanted to have in our elopement album.
She understood the assignment. Pick her. Choose her. You will not be disappointed!"
- Bonnie Chan | July 2021

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